Attempted thieves repeatedly fail to drag gas station ATM

Attempted thieves repeatedly fail to drag gas station ATM
Date: 30-06-2017 Time: 02:06:22:am

Surveillance footage from a Maryland gas station showed a trio of hapless thieves repeatedly fail to drag an ATM away in their van.

Prince George's County Police Department police shared video of the would-be thieves as they wrapped a chain, attached to the back of their van, around the ATM and attempted to drag it out of place.

"The trio of suspects tried three times to pull out the ATM but came up empty," police said.

The suspects severely damaged the ATM on their first two attempts to pull it free, as the force of the vehicle pulling the chain tore through a large portion of the machine.

Still determined to pluck the machine from the ground, one of the suspects attempted to fasten the chain to a damaged portion of the ATM.

The van driver then quickly backed the vehicle up before speeding forward and ripping off a portion of the ATM, sending debris scattered all along the ground.

Upon realizing the fruitless nature of their efforts, the two suspects entered the van and drove away.

Prince George's Police encouraged anyone with information about the trio of suspects to contact their tips line.

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