Twenty-one senior high schools (SHS) in the Upper West region missed out in this year’s prelims of National Maths and Science Quiz (NMSQ) competition due to lack of funds. 

Only three schools; Saint Francis Xavier Junior Seminary, Wa; Saint Ignatius of Layola from Lasse Tuolo and Wa Senior High Technical School were the only three schools that participated in the regional competition.

The regional competition was initially scheduled to take place at the Wa Senior High Technical School on February 11 but was rescheduled a few times. The competition finally came off at the Wa Library Complex on Friday.

Upper West NSMQ prelims

Saint Ignatius of Layola was there to add to the numbers because they had already booked their place by virtue of making it to the quarter-finals of the national competition last year. 

It was an opportunity to test their contestants if they are battle-ready for the main competition.

Despite the low numbers, the three schools didn’t disappoint as they all gave a very good account of themselves. 

Upper West NSMQ prelims

It was tough in the beginning to bet on any school carrying the day because all the contestants came with their A-game.

At the end of the four rounds of a pulsating competition, Saint Francis Xavier Minor Seminary Senior High School took the first spot in the regional competition with 27 points. 

Saint Ignatius of Layola SHS following with 21 points and Wa Senior High Technical School occupying the third spot with 5 points only.

Saint Francis Xavier Minor Seminary, Wa received ¢1000 prize money from Primetime, the organisers of the competition.

Upper West NSMQ prelims

Certificates of participation were given to Saint Ignatius of Layola SHS and Wa Senior High Technical School respectively for their participation in the competition.   

The results meant that both Saint Xavier Minor Seminary, Wa and St. Ignatius of Layola for the second year running have qualified for the national competition.

For Wa Senior High Technical School, they will be making their debut in the national competition after two attempts to qualify from the regional competition failed.