About seven journalists were nearly lynched Friday morning by supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress at Karaga in the Northern Region.

The journalists are currently seeking refuge at the local police station, protected by only one police officer while efforts are being made to seek reinforcement from Tamale.

One of the hostage journalists, Stephen Zoure told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh the other journalists are tensed fearing for their lives.

He explained that the District Chief Executive for Karaga, Mr Abdulai Mohammed Sandow, invited them from Tamale to cover a programme in the district.

He said when the journalists were about to enter the town, they hit a roadblock mounted by angry supporters of the ruling party.

Nosy journalists as they are, a Metro TV cameraman attempted to take shots of the irate youth but that infuriated the demonstrators who pounced on them.

They were rescued by an old ex-policeman, according to Mr Zoure, who rushed them to the police station for protection.

He said the group mobilized and besieged the police station, surging forward and trying to break into the station to beat the hell out them, but the lone policeman, supported by the District Bureau of National Investigations officer, kept them at bay.

It took the intervention of some elders of the town to calm tensions while reinforcement is being sought.

Mr Zoure, who reports for the Daily Guide newspaper, said they were entangled in a crossfire between the NDC youth and the DCE.

According to him, the youth had been told that the DCE was bringing in journalists to sort of expose them and that was why they wanted to vent their anger on the journalists.

The Karaga DCE has had frosty relationships with supporters of the NDC in the area who accuse him of contract grabbing and working against the interest of the party.

The party executives have made persistent calls for his removal, the latest coming only last Saturday when a delegation of party leaders, led by Vice Chairman Kofi Portuphy met with constituency executives of the party in Yendi.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana


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