Residents of Nima, Maamobi and surrounding areas on Saturday received officials from Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) with glee as the officials moved from house to house to replace onion bulbs with CFL energy saving ones.

The exercise meant to reduce energy consumption, began in the metropolis on November 2 and is expected to end by Wednesday.

Mr Ali Baba Abature, Public Relations Officer of the AMA, told newsmen in Accra that the response and cooperation from residents had so far been positive and expressed optimism that the exercise would help forestall any future energy crisis.

He said all sub-metros under the AMA were undertaking the exercise to ensure early distribution and advised all landlords to leave at least one person at home from Monday onwards in order for all households to benefit.

Mr Benjamin Odotei, East Ayawaso Sub-metro Director of the AMA said a first consignment of 3,212 bulbs had been distributed to Ruga, near Kanda, Kwaotsru and other parts of Mamobi East and Nima East.

He said the sub-metro had also received over 12,000 bulbs for distribution to Nima East and surrounding areas.

Source: GNA