The health needs of people, especially the vulnerable are becoming crucial, thanks to Covid-19.

How to control the pandemic is getting harder every day because of its recent behaviour discovered by scientists. 

It will definitely become more difficult for the poor to effectively protect themselves and efficiently access quality healthcare.

That is why the Assembly Member for Asafo Electoral in Kumasi says he is liaising with a healthcare provider to get the services of health workers to handle specific conditions in his electoral.

Ernest Okai says addressing the concerns of his people is one of the most significant issues in the next three years of his office.

Mr. Okai mentions ear problem, breast cancer and eye screening as one of the conditions the health workers will handle.

He says those who made him their representative at the assembly level had several choices to make but they settled on him and he must therefore initiate good initiatives for them.

In December 2020, Ernest organized health screening for 3 hundred residents.

Healthcare officers and doctors from Peace and Love Hospital and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Eye Centre attended to residents and screened them on breast cancer, and eyes problem.

Most of the residents who did not know their status had the opportunity to know.

One of the beneficiaries at the time told myjoyonline she had never checked on the status of her breast though she was in early forties.

“The intervention is good and I am really happy. I have never checked my breast.” She says.