A brand expert and design consultant has questioned the effectiveness of the ban on alcohol advertisement by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Rather, Mr. Ron Cregan called for a more creative way in legislation in their bid to promote healthy living.

He made the call at the 3rd Africa Rising International Advertising Association’s annual summit in Accra.

The Food and Drugs Authority in January 2018 restricted the advertisement and live presenter mention of alcoholic beverages in the media, to periods between 8pm and 6am.

It said the uncontrolled advertisement of alcoholic beverages had led to exposing children and young people to alcohol, which affects their development and growth while influencing their sexual activities – an argument which was vehemently opposed by industry players.

Almost a year, the impact of the ban is yet to be felt as alcohol advertisements abound on social media.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Brand Blocking, Regulations and Implications on new categories’, Mr. Cregan said though it is important to ensure responsible consumption, “draconian legislation cannot be the solution”.

“Brand identity is a fundamental right for brand owners and proposed government measures will have a devastating impact on global brands including much loved favourites, which are part of our cultural heritage as well as artisan producers who will be denied the right to express their identity,” he stressed.

Mr. Cregan who is also the Founder of Endangered Species stressed that, “legislators just need to be more creative in their approach to promoting good health.”

He also urged producers of alcoholic beverages to also create positive and educational messages that will help change consumer behavior.