Players and officials of Nsuekyir FC on Lemon Thursday enjoyed themselves after passing through a test of perseverance and peace when they beat the favourites, Adidas Stars 4-2 on penalties to be decorated with the giant trophy at stake in the 2022 Aboakyer Festival Sports Program which was supported by Betika Ghana.

Simpa Odobikese placed third with Wonders taking the fourth position in the thrilling competition which attracted lots of people to the UNIPRA South Football Park at Winneba.

Belo Cida Haruna, Head of Marketing at Betika Ghana, the sponsors of the football event commended the officials, players, and fans who trooped in their numbers to make the tournament very successful. 

Betika supports Aboakyer football gala

He said Betika is committed to investing in the youth through sports, arts, and culture.

He thanked the chief of the Effutu Traditional Area, Nenyi Ghartey VII for gracing the event and encouraging the youth to appreciate peace, unity, love, and discipline.

Former Technical Director of the Ghana Football Association, Coach Francis Oti Akenteng, Mr. Seth Ayensu Bortsie, Chairman of the Central Region Tug of War Association, and elders of the Effutu Traditional Area presented the big golden trophy to the winners and cash prizes to the finalists who placed 7th to first.

Betika supports Aboakyer football gala

He congratulated the champions and all the participants. He however suggested that more such football tournaments should be organized.

Betika supports Aboakyer football gala

Betika in recent times have partnered Kumasi Asante Kotoko, arguably the biggest sports brand in Ghana, with fans attesting to the level of professionalism and excellence they have exhibited in line with their work and their prompt payments to winners.

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