Residents of Bono Region plant trees to mark Green Ghana Day

The Bono Regional Forestry Commission on Friday, June 11, planted over 320,000 tree seedlings in support of government’s agenda to plant some 5 million trees nationwide.

The country today marked Green Ghana Day by planting trees in their respective localities. At the Jubilee House, President Akufo-Addo led this initiative to ensure the country recovers its forest covers.

Regional Manager of the Forestry Commission, Isaac Noble Eshun speaking at the University of Energy and Natural Resources commended the efforts of the Bono residents who showed up in their numbers to plant trees.

According to him, the Commission’s objective was to plant some 250,000 seedlings, but ended up planting over 320,000 tree seedlings.

“The enthusiasm shown by Ghanaians and for that matter the residents of the Bono region is so overwhelming. Our target to distribute 250,000 seedlings for planting today but my checks  reveal we have distributed over 320,000 tree seedlings for planting. Even here people are still coming to request for some of the tree seedlings to go and plant,” he stated.

He is optimistic their commitment will in the long run assist government recover lost forest reserves.

However, Noble Eshun noted that the Commission will remain relentless to end the illegal feeling of timber in the Region. He therefore, entreated all and sundry to throw their support behind the Commission the nip the menace finally in the bud.

“It is a continuous battle. Definitely those people who are engaged in it do not rest, as we put in measures to combat them, they also go back and restructure theirs. We don’t intend to relent on our efforts even though we have various challenges.

“We also call on each and everybody to help us to deal with this menace. We believe it is going on well and it will go a very long way to help in restoring the degraded areas,” entreated.

Meanwhile, the Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu–Banahene has also encouraged her residents to be determined to leave a tangible legacy for the future generation by preserving the environment.

She also advised the youth to be passionate about protecting the environment and their surroundings to ensure rare plants do not go extinct.

“If we also don’t take care, because of human activities there will be extinction of some other products from the forest. Therefore, let us try as much possible to also protect our environment and arm on the greens so that tomorrow when our children also come, we will not just mention them in books and history but they will have a feel it

“Today we are going to plant trees, all kinds of species but who nurtures it? Do you care? You should care so that tomorrow, you can also enjoy this environment,” she stated.