Salzburg Global Seminar has announced the appointment of Bright Simons to its Board of Directors effective March 18.

Bright is the president of mPedigree, a social enterprise working on three continents to spread innovative technologies that secure communities from the harmful effects of counterfeiting in health, agriculture, cosmetics and automotive sectors.

He is a Ghanaian technology innovator, social entrepreneur, and policy activist. He has worked in many countries on multiple continents for nearly two decades to instill and enhance trust in markets, the public sector, and civil society.

Commenting on his appointment, Bright said, “Few organisations in the world today are as committed to the ideals of global public diplomacy as Salzburg Global Seminar.

“Recognition that rigorous and respectful dialogue is essential for the mindset revolutions the world requires to turn the curve represented by the current crisis of confidence in ‘global action’ is only the starting point of Salzburg Global Seminar’s deep commitment to catalysing groundbreaking action through the networks of established and emerging leadership it discreetly cultivates around the world.”

Victoria Mars, the Chairman of Salzburg Global, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Bright Simons to our Board of Directors. He represents a new generation of African entrepreneurs supporting social good through sustainable enterprise.

“As a Salzburg Global Fellow, Bright personifies our mission in motion: ‘Challenge current and future leaders to shape a better world.’ He will help guide our engagement across the African continent and support the next generation of innovators and social entrepreneurs.”