Western region: Sameraboi, Awowin Municipality leads in cocoa production in 2017/2018 

Western region: Sameraboi, Awowin Municipality leads in cocoa production in 2017/2018 
Source: Ghana | Ina-Thalia Quansah | JoyNews Western Regional Correspondent
Date: 10-04-2019 Time: 10:04:48:am

Information gathered by Joy News` Western Regional Correspondent Ina-Thalia Quansah indicates that Sameraboi in the Amenfi –West municipality of the Western Region is the leading cocoa producing district among the twenty –six cocoa districts of Cocoabod in the Western and Western North regions.

But roads leading to the cocoa farms in this municipality can lead to hell; at least 14 per cent of Ghana's cocoa cash comes from this municipality where nobody wants to go -- the Amenfi West - all because of bad roads. 

Thick mud makes mini tidal waves in the wide gullies sprawled along the 524.11kms of feeder roads in this district, adding another layer of needless adventure for the drivers who have to use this road to cart men and materials, pregnant women and farm produce.

And so from Ghana's independence through to 2015, 2016, and 2017 and again in 2018, farmers face another grim prospect of having their cocoa beans locked up in the belly of the Western region.
The second leading cocoa district for 2017|2018   of COCOBOD is the Awowin municipality in the Western North region, in the year under review it produced 462,742 bags of cocoa but travelling to the cocoa farm gates in this Municipality is a hard-hitting task.

Cocoa farmers in the Awowin Municipality of the Western region continue to lose thousands of tons of cocoa due to the terrible nature of a 77km Western corridor road.

The Elubo-Enchi road is muddy traverses over a Forest area crossing the river Tano at two locations. 

In 2011, the past administration awarded a contract to Eagle Stars company limited for construction works to begin, but only about 2% of the work has been completed presenting a daunting task to farmers who have to struggle before they convey some of their produce to the ports for export.