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Huawei to report strong growth despite “unfair treatment”

Huawei to report strong growth despite “unfair treatment”
Source: Ghana | Daryl Kwawu | JoyBusiness
Date: 03-01-2019 Time: 09:01:36:am

Global technology firm, Huawei Technologies is confident of strong growth in 2019 despite “unfair treatment”.

The technology giant has outlined its 2019 growth strategy largely focused on guaranteeing its business resilience while forecasting a 21% growth this year.

In a New Year’s message Huawei Technologies Rotating Chairman, Guo Ping, described the year 2018 as an eventful year for the firm while promising swift recovery from “negative conjecture and market restrictions”.

Guo said that Huawei was undeterred by thinly veiled market restrictions.

“Huawei has this year, managed to sign 26 commercial contracts for 5G with leading global carriers, and have already shipped more than 10,000 5G base stations to markets around the world. 

More than 160 cities and 211 Fortune Global 500 companies, he added, have selected Huawei as their partner for digital transformation, affording the firm 2018 sales revenues of up to $ 108.5 billion”, Guo added.

As 5G approaches, Huawei a major player has faced challenges as the United States has barred it from supplying its government and contractors based on allegations that “Chinese manufacturers are spying on the West”. Some other countries are considering a similar move.

However, Huawei says no evidence has ever been provided to prove the accusation.

“It would not be in Huawei's interest to carry out the alleged surveillance activities, as it would cause the company to lose its image and the current position in the international market”, a statement from Huawei said.

Huawei says its growth in the past 10 years has worried its international competitors.

Despite the intense 5G race and the US-China trade dispute, Huawei’s business performance remains strong.

“We have never stopped pushing forward, and as a result our 2018 sales revenue is expected to reach 108.5 billion US dollars, up 21% year-on-year,“Guo said, adding that, “Our business performance remains strong, and this is by far the most direct form of validation that we can receive from our customers. ”

Guo pointed out in the New Year’s message that as the dynamic between world powers becomes more intense, there will be greater uncertainty in the macro business environment, but Huawei will keep feet on the ground and improve the business ecosystem for the industry, “making tangible contributions to local communities and working to secure opportunities for fair competition”.

Huawei is the leading networking equipment supplier in the world. Earlier this year, Huawei topped Apple in the number of smartphone units shipped, and ranks only behind Samsung.

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