GEPA charged to explore export facilitation beyond focus on non-traditional crops

GEPA charged to explore export facilitation beyond focus on non-traditional crops
Source: Ghana | Charles Ayitey | JoyBusiness
Date: 08-05-2019 Time: 07:05:11:pm

Deputy Trade Minister, Robert Ahomka Lindsay, says now is the time for the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) to consider migrating from a facilitator of non-traditional crops to full blown exportation. 

Speaking to JoyBusiness at the 50th Anniversary Media Launch of GEPA, Mr Ahomka-Lindsey makes the case that a focus on pure exportation of locally manufactured goods will catapult Ghana to be a major export-led economy by 2025.

“62 years post-independence, our economy is too small for our population, so we’ve got to change. We don’t want to trade cocoa beans, we want to trade chocolate. In effect, what this means is a paradigm shift. We can’t rely on non-traditional exports forever else we shall be left out,” he told JoyBusiness.

CEO of GEPA, Afua Asabea Asare, expressed confidence in meeting the authority’s set revenue target of $5.3 billion by the end of 2023.

The target of $5.3 billion, followed a review of GEPA’s original target of about $10 billion. 

Speaking to JoyBusiness on the sidelines of media engagement to launch GEPA’s 50th anniversary, Madam Afua Asabea Asare explained that various programs by GEPA have shot up Ghana’s export margins.

“We are more than halfway through the review of Ghana’s 5-year National Export Strategy which we have diligently been working on with close to 80 key stakeholders from the private sector, civil society groups, academia and government agencies.”

GEPA acquired its Authority Status in 2011 and was publicly launched at the 72nd National Exporters’ Forum in September 2011.

The Change from a Council to Authority was in accordance with the Revised Laws of Ghana Act 1998. 

This new designation helps to clearly define the core functions of GEPA in terms of marketing and promotion of Non-traditional export products.

The theme for the anniversary is: ‘50 years of facilitating Ghana’s Exports’, and will be celebrated through various programs and initiatives including the launch of the youth in export program which will train thousands of young ones in exports.

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