A vehicle parked at the Mensah Sarbah Hall car park was set ablaze as a result of the clash between the Vandals and Vikings last night.

Residents of Commonwealth Hall of the University are otherwise known as Vandals and Sarbah Hall residents are also called Vikings.

Checks by myjoyonline.com say residents of Sarbah Hall celebrated ‘Sarbahfest’ on Friday.

As part of the festivities, the residents of the hall went on a procession, what is referred to in local parlance as ‘Jama’.

Somehow, one of them strayed to the Commonwealth Hall, he was beaten up and his phone taken away.

The beaten Viking is said to have returned to his hall of residence to report the incident. His colleagues then followed him to the Commonwealth Hall and a fight ensued.

“Besides burning the car, they came to fight, destroyed a lot of things and took away one of statues at the Sarbah Hall,” our source said.

Car set ablaze on University of Ghana campus

Reports say, it took the timely intervention of the Police to quell the riot.

Car set ablaze on University of Ghana campus