The Deputy Mayor of the Qingdoa  Municipality, Mr. Wang Wei, led a high-powered Chinese business delegation to meet the CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mawuena Trebarh, to explore possible business opportunities in the country.

Welcoming the delegation last week, Mawuena Trebrah said the delegation has expressed interest in a broad range of[investments in the country.

She noted  that the partnership presents a win-win situation since there are exciting investment opportunities in Ghana

She was hopeful that the benefit would be mutual since the Group has expertise in building and construction.

She said the Group has not quantified its investment proposals but the signing of the MoU signals the Group's commitment.

The GIPC CEO said the Group is looking to invest in infrastructure, energy and agro-processing, and expressed hope that the investments will translate into development.

The Mayor, who was accompanied by the Deputy Director General of the Qingdoa Bureau of Commerce and Investment Promotion Centre and other official’s of the Centre, signed a memorandum with the GIPC to further promote investment flows and trade exchanges.

The MoU will also seek to develop mutual, cooperation between the two agencies.

China is ranked number-one as an investor nation in terms of quantum of projects.

Since September 1994 to December 2013, China registered 673 projects and is ranked 9th in terms of foreign direct investment (FDl) contributions valued at $617.8million to the Ghanaian economy.

The visit to the country was facilitated by the Quingjain International (Ghana) Development Company Limited.