The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Ketu South, Dzifa Gomashie has called on her constituents to give her the maximum support come December 7 to represent them in Parliament.

The actress turned politician, on Lexis Bill’s Personality Profile said: “Contesting an election is not child’s play. I’ve done everything from cooking to schooling myself, but this is different.”

Owing to her background as the daughter of a military officer, Patrick Dotse Gomashie, the former Deputy Minister of Tourism is no stranger to the concept of leading and serving her nation.

She vividly recalls growing up in a loving household with parents who were firm, yet fair. The 6th out of 8 children Dzifa says she remembers being taught about the importance of empowerment and fearlessness, and she credits her family for instilling in her a sense of moral fortitude and awareness.

“There are three things you cannot choose; you cannot choose your gender, where you are from and who your parents are. I am so proud of all three, especially my mother and father for all they have done for me,” she said

As she progressed as a child, she found a love for dancing, which led her to acting career. Although she says she never thought she would pursue a career in the creative arts, she knew that she wanted to contribute to the sector as a way to inspire others while doing what she loved.

In 1985, she joined the Talents Theatre Company where she received training from the likes of Anima Misa, Maame Dokono and Kofi Portuphy.

Shortly after, she enrolled at the School of Performing Arts, Legon where she received a diploma in Theatre Arts and a degree in Theatre Management. She also holds a Master’s in Philosophy in African Studies from the Institute of African Studies.

Over two decades later, she was nominated and appointed into office as the deputy minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, a position she held until the opposition, NPP, took power in 2016.

Last year, she contested and won the bid to represent the Ketu South constituency of the NDC in the upcoming 2020 elections. She won by a narrow margin: 586 votes against 555 votes to her main competitor, Foga Nukunu. 

Reflecting on her time as Deputy Minister of Tourism, she admits she had some regrets. “I regret my inability to implement the things I think [the party] could have done. I felt a little powerless at times.”

She continued: “I went into government very well knowing that it was for a short period, but government taught me that I can be resilient. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m not bad at all.’”

She further added that she learned that sometimes it is important to back off a bit and let the system run. But when needed, “I am not afraid to speak mind – without fear.”

Now that she is contesting for a seat in Parliament, she says she is excited to finish the projects her party has started, and she is calling on the people of Ketu South to vote this December so she can further commit and dedicate herself in service of others.

“I am encouraging my people to be steadfast and not to afraid, as God wills it, everything will come to play.”