The Ghana Medical Association is urging the general public to be mindful of the prevalence of COVID-19 even as they celebrate Easter.

Ghanaians are celebrating Easter without restrictions for the very first time in two years.

The Christian celebration which marks the death and resurrection of Christ is often characterized by merry-making and picnics. These fun activities were placed on hold ever since the outbreak of COVID 19.

However, given the waning rate of infections, restrictions have been eased. President Akufo Addo In his televised Easter message to Ghanaians ahead of the celebrations stated that “I appeal to each one of you, notwithstanding the lifting of the restrictions and the good news about infections, to continue to live responsibly and safely, so we can all play our part in building mother Ghana.”

Although presently, the country has on record only 32 active cases, with no critical or severely ill people, and empty treatment centres, the Ghana Medical Association is warning that the cases could escalate if the protocols are not adhered to, especially during this year’s Easter.

General Secretary of the Association Dr. Titus Beyuo told Blessed Sogah on the pulse on Friday, April 15, 2022 that, “the only thing we want to say is that as we go about celebrating, we should be a bit mindful. We are celebrating the Easter for first time in about two years without getting restrictions which is good news, but people should still take personal responsibility concerning their health and in relation to COVID. We are asking that if you’re having any symptoms, please make sure you use your mask before you go into a public space or into an indoor event.”

He added that, “we are also aware that vaccination is still ongoing and if you know that as of now, you are not yet vaccinated, make use of the opportunity available at the various health centers and get vaccinated…even with just three cases in the country as of now, things can escalate. Therefore let’s protect ourselves well.”