A coronavirus survivor has shared lessons he learned from his near-death experience after contracting Covid-19.

Sharing his ordeal with Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Thursday to mark a year since Ghana recorded a Covid-19 case, Mike said that after contracting the deadly virus, he felt he will not survive to see another day.

In those harrowing moments, he realised that life is the most important gift every human being could ever have.

“For more than a week and for the first time in my life, I have been in the room and I couldn’t see daylight. And whilst in there, I received calls that ‘O! This person has died of Covid’. Then you become confused and you will start praying to God that ‘God help me’.

“But one thing Covid-19 taught me was, it made me appreciate life. As a matter of fact, everything we are craving for in this life; car, house, all these things become vanity,” he told Joy FM’s host Winston Amoah.

He continued, “It made me realise that all my cars, the businesses I had and everything I owned was vanity.”

The survivor also added that the severity of the virus made him immobilized.  

“So I prayed to God to give me a second chance. And I thank God that he gave me life and I am going to live for him,” he said.

Another caller on the same show, said the impact of Covid-19 has had a daunting effect on his marriage.

For Julius, he was barely a month into his marriage when he lost his job due to the pandemic and has been home ever since.

“I got married somewhere 23rd February, 2020, and I returned to work early March and two weeks later I was asked to go home so you can imagine.

“It is too bad, [every day], I go round looking for a job and you know women. As a man, you have to provide but here I am. It has been one year and how I feel like, it is sad,” he said.

His story echoes that of many others the world over who have either lost their jobs, or the life of a close family relation.

The impact and effect of Covid-19 on the lives and livelihoods of people worldwide cannot be quantified; from the loss of lives to the loss of jobs and business opportunities, the pandemic has brought untold hardship to many.

In Ghana, 42,000 people lost their jobs during the three-week partial lockdown imposed in some parts of the country while 656 persons have unfortunately succumbed to the disease.