Political Scientist Dr. John Osae-Kwapong has urged political parties to properly address concerns raised by aspirants during and after political party primaries.

According to him, decisions by defeated aspirants to stand as independent candidates often result from a failure of political parties to properly address concerns raised after political party primaries are held.

“The worrying thing for me is how political parties deal with grievances and the challenges that evolve from how they conduct their primaries.

“Political parties must find ways of ensuring that the Primary process doesn’t leave lingering grievances carried through the post primary season,” he said.

This comes after the New Patriotic Party’s decision to expel members who have filed nominations as Independent Candidates.

Among such persons is MP for Formena who has been asked by the NPP to step down following his decision to stand as an independent candidate.

The party further petitioned Parliament to declare his seat vacant following his conduct.

MP for Akwatia Mercy Adu-Gyamfi popularly known as Ama Sey also decided to contest as an independent candidate after she lost the elections, but rescinded her decision after pleas from President Akufo-Addo and other dignitaries.

Dr. John Osae-Kwapong believes these aspirants are not to blame for their decision because the party probably turned a deaf ear to some concerns raised after the elections.

He added that although candidates who lost the elections may be willing to accept defeat, they feel betrayed because their grievances are ignored.