Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has expressed worry about the decline in other healthcare services like immunisation and antenatal care amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Patrick Aboagye at a press briefing Tuesday noted that the decline could have serious repercussions on the health of many citizens.

“From the review of our first quarter we have had the immunisation of people going down, we have growth promotion of children coming down, and antennal care attendants are declining.

“If this goes on, it will have consequential effects on the health outcomes in the end,” he revealed.

He then urged citizens to freely visit the hospitals for the services because his outfit has ensured safety of people who visit hospitals.

Addressing issues on the country’s Covid-19 cases, Dr Aboagye touted that initiatives implemented by government is yielding good results since the country’s infection and death rate still remains low.

“The infection rate in this country remains low, in comparison to other countries this tells us that the measures that we have put in place and you have also abided to has served as well.

“Comparing our death rate which is at 0.66% to other countries in the sub-region like Cameroon reporting about 3.4% death rate and Nigeria 2.9% death rate [we are doing well].”

He further revealed that currently none of the 2402 patients with Covid-19 is in critical condition or under intensive care.

So far, Ghana has recorded so far recorded 2,719 cases with 18 deaths and 294 recoveries.