Deputy Minister for Energy, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam has called on local businesses to support government's agenda in shaping entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Dr Amin Adam was speaking at the launch of the Kosmos Innovation Centre Incubation hub in Accra.

He said, “Government expects that oil and gas companies will complement our efforts in shaping entrepreneurship in Ghana.

“We know their business is to find and produce oil, but we know that as oil companies you have innovative technology and business modules that can make every venture a success. Be it in agriculture, manufacturing, education or music,” he added. 

The incubation hub which is located in Dzowulu, Accra will for starters accommodate fourteen startups created from the KIC agritech challenge.

The incubator management platform will allow companies scheduled sessions with coaches and mentors.

Also present at the launch was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kosmos Energy Andy Inglis. 

Mr Inglis noted that Kosmos Energy’s interest in Ghana is beyond just oil exploration, but also to create economic opportunities for countries they produce in.

“We are proud of our oil discovery in Ghana and what it has brought to Ghana. Our second purpose is to be a broader force for good in the countries which we operate. Although we have helped some communities in diverse ways, we knew we should do more to help Ghana’s development beyond oil and gas,” he stated.

We have a great interest in seeing Ghana succeed, we want to help create and invest in a more diverse economy.”

Kosmos Energy through the Kosmos innovation centre has so far created nineteen startups and with an investment of over $300,000 in seed capital.

Meanwhile, Country Manager of Kosmos Energy Ghana, Joe Mensah urged entrepreneurs under the KIC incubation management program to make the best out of the newly built edifice.

“Yes they will have access to experts in the field and a pool of knowledge to shape their business, but one key thing is the opportunity to learn from each other and shape their businesses with personal experiences,” he said.

KIC Incubation Centre:

The incubator space has a total area of 3,053 sq. meters, co-working space and training rooms for a maximum of 20-25 startups.

The startups will have access to full-time coaches and two part-time coaches, the Kosmos advisory council members and Kosmos management team in Ghana.