Principal of Jackson College of Education (JCE) has appealed to the Government not to forget the college’s graduates when posting teachers to various schools across the country.

Theodosia Jackson says it is important to recognise the college’s contributions to teacher training by using its products that have met all requirements.

According to her, it will inspire the College to continue to complement government’s efforts to provide quality education.

Mrs. Jackson was speaking at the 9th Congregation of the College in Kumasi held on the theme, “Virtual Learning: A Solution to Mitigate the Impact of Covid-19 on Education.

1,924 students from 28 learning centres in 13 regions graduated.

Since 2009, the college has produced 14, 335 trained teachers.

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A huge number of the graduates are currently home even after passing their licensure examination.

This, she says, discourages private sector participation.

Mrs. Jackson, therefore, wants government to take a critical look at the situation to ensure fairness since the graduates of private schools also deserve to be employed.

“We train these teachers without the involvement of government and also pay taxes so it is only fair to engage our products so that we can collectively build this nation as stakeholders,” she indicated.

Executive Director of the Centre for National Distance Learning and Open Schooling (CENDLOS), Nana Gyamfi Adwabour commends Jackson Educational Complex (JEC) as one of the best distance learning educational institutions in Ghana.

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As a regulator of distance education in Ghana, CENDLOS works with institutions to ensure compliance with standards and best practices.

Nana Adwabour is impressed by the contents of JEC and urged them to maintain best practices driven by cutting-edge technology.

Chairman of the Council of JCE Mr. Anthony Gyasi-Fosu, advises the graduates to uphold the core values of JCE as they begin a new journey as professional teachers.

He implores the graduating class to live to the College’s values and strive for higher education.

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