Private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu

Private legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu has called on the National Association of Graduates Teachers (NAGRAT) to take things easy with the Rastafarian students who gained admission but could not enrol due to their hairstyle.

Two young Rastafarians, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea and Tyron Marghuy upon gaining admission to the Achimota School had to face the rules of the institute which included cutting off their dreadlocks.

But, the students may not be able to comply as they hold tight to what the belief of their religion, Rastafari.

Responding to the issue which has become the centre stage of public discourse, President of the NAGRAT, Angel Karbonu says granting the students’ wish based on their religion may only bring about chaos in the school.

However, Martin Kpebu in a discussion on JoyNews Tuesday said the student has genuine concerns and must be given some attention “once it is on religious grounds.”

After all, “these kids are not many so those saying we are going to open the flood get, yes, it’s a genuine concern, but let’s remember that for genuine religious purposes so if a child who is not a Rastafarian comes to school with dreadlocks and the school finds out that he/she doesn’t come from a home that practice Rastafarianism, he himself is not one, it will revoke his admission.”

The legal practitioner noted that Ghana can emulate other African countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, where he said students have been permitted to keep their dreadlocks based on religious beliefs.

“So we can ask Angel and co. to tone down a bit, let’s look at what our peers are doing.”

“You see how the young man spoke; very eloquently, he’s clear in his mind that he wants to go with his dad’s religion. I think let’s grant him that space,” he said to Evans Mensah. 

Meanwhile, father of one of the student, Ras Asward Nkrabea says his son, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea has been scared and traumatised after being denied admission into the institution of his choice.

Lawyer for the Rastafari Council, George Tetteh Wayo had indicated that the Council after enrolling the boys in another school, will take the matter to court.