The state broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and Kumasi International Airport are likely to be plunged into total darkness effective Wednesday, October 20, should they fail to settle debt owed the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) .

This comes after the ECG notified some state institutions in the Ashanti Region that their power supply will be cut as part of a nationwide operation dubbed ‘Collect or Correct.’

The exercise is aimed at cleaning ECG’s debt data, thus recovering monies that customers owe the power service provider.

In an interview with Asaase Radio, ECG’s Ashanti Regional Managing Director, David Asamoah, said the exercise will help the company recover about ¢1 billion debt from various organisations.

According to him, it will help “serve Asanteman better”.

“At the moment, people have even paid for services and things we are unable to provide because we also owe our creditors. So we need to be able to find money to pay them,” Mr Asamoah said.

The Managing Director further explained that Ashanti Regional GBC office owes ECG almost ₵2 million and Kumasi Kejetia Market owes ¢2.1 million of the total debt.

A week ago, the Kejetia Market experienced a power outage over its five-month unpaid power service debt.

However, power was restored after an intervention by the newly elected city mayor, Sam Pyne.

“The good news is that, after disconnecting them last week, we negotiated, and they have issued a cheque for us for tomorrow [Tuesday]. So, for them, at least we have an assurance that there is going to be payment,” he said.

He subsequently advised patrons of ECG to pay any monies they owe to avoid disconnection.

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