Video: Political attacks made my fiancé love me more - Tracy Boakye

Video: Political attacks made my fiancé love me more - Tracy Boakye
Source: Ghana | | Daniella Adu Asare
Date: 09-06-2017 Time: 04:06:48:pm
Tracy Boakye

Actress and producer Tracy Boakye has revealed that her fiancée of two years only started appreciating her better after she began receiving bashing for campaigning for former President John Mahama in the 2016 elections.

The actress, who is the producer of the movie ‘The Devil Between My Legs’ believes that the verbal attacks by followers of the opposition party on her, during and after the elections triggered more attention and benevolence from her partner.

“If they didn’t attack me, I wouldn’t have gotten anything from it from my fiancée’s side, like the car. I wouldn’t have gotten it. You insult me, I get benefits...”

In an exclusive interview with Joy New’s MzGee, the actress, said things have turned out for the better for her.

“My fiancée doesn’t do politics, I did it and brought the trouble to him and my mum, but thank God they have made him see me as special. Me [when] I was with him, he didn’t even see me like the star that I am now,” she said.

Apart from the apparent boost in her love life, she admits that the publicity from those campaign adverts has done something good for her career as a producer and an actress.

When asked why she enjoyed exposing certain delicate parts of her body, she blames it on the hot weather. The other thing, she said, is that she “can’t hide it (alluding to her voluptuous boobs), I wish I could.”



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