John Dumelo takes on Twitter user

John Dumelo takes on Twitter user
Date: 12-01-2018 Time: 06:01:24:pm
John Dumelo

“Yeah, we created the cattle, looted the cattle and shared all the beef. Sia”. That was the response of Actor John Dumelo to a twit commenting on his post after a visit to one of his farms in the Northern Region.

The Twitter user said the actor was enjoying booties from the create, loot and share of the previous government.

John Dumelo had posted “My visit to my other farm in Northern Ghana….by end of this year, I should have 3 times the number of Cattle. Insha Allah. Goodmorning”.

But the Twitter user who was commenting on the post said “NDC bee give u oo. From V8s to Cattles. wow! NDC politics, Create! loot! and share!”.

John Dumelo will not be undone; his response was swift. “Yeah, we created the cattle, looted the cattle and shared all the beef. Sia”.

The actor was a prominent figure in the Mahama campaign for re-election in 2016 (which the NDC lost). John Dumelo mounted many platforms to campaign for the NDC. He was later accused of keeping government vehicles; but those have since been taken from him. The actor came under a barage of criticisms over reports he attempted to change the colours of the government vehicles in his posession in order to keep them. 

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