Nigeria's problem is not Buhari, it is our mentality - MKO

Nigeria's problem is not Buhari, it is our mentality - MKO
Source: Ghana| | Noella Kharyne Yalley | Twitter/Instagram: @kharyne_yalley
Date: 09-07-2018 Time: 02:07:00:pm
Dubai-based Nigerian singer Maduabuchi Kingsly Okpor aka MKO

Dubai-based Nigerian musician MKO wants his compatriots to take a good look at the man in the mirror which he said is the problem of Nigeria, not President Mohammadu Buhari.

In an interview with Joy News' entertainment anchor Mz Gee, the Afro-pop and R&B singer who is yet to make his big break in West Africa despite his big-name status in Dubai said calls for Buhari’s head are misplaced.

“The problem has been corruption, I wouldn’t say Buhari. If there were a system in place for Buhari not to be the way he is, then the country will flow.

"Who says that if Buhari leaves, the next president will be better than he is? The only difference is we want to change, that’s all. So it’s not that the problem is Buhari, there have been problems prior to’s a mindset thing and if that mindset is changed, everything else will work," he said.

When asked whether he is part of the personalities blaming the leadership in Nigeria for the country’s retrogression, MKO which is an abbreviation for the musician’s real name; Maduabuchi Kingsly Okpor said; “yes I’m part of them but who are the leaders? I am one of them; everyone in power is a leader as well." 

"You have to start like MKO now, who’s not yet extremely established to eventually becoming a leader. So in the end, it has to do with all of us. From wherever and whatever position you’re in, what difference are you making to impact the growth of the country."

He also spoke about how he receives news about the crisis in Nigeria but was quick to add that crisis has always been a part of Nigeria

“It’s definitely a pain when I read these things as a Nigerian because I have family back home so it means I have to worry about family.

"We’ve always been in crises but we just believe that with all of us coming together to make sure that the country develops more, it will make a huge change. Crisis has always been there, these days it is blown up because of social media," he said.

The musician who has lived in Dubai for almost 11 years, also told MzGee he suffered from foreigners tagging Nigerians as fraudsters and scammers in his past. He intends to use his brand to improve Nigeria’s international image.

“I wouldn’t say I’m lucky because I do get that in the sense that, it’s not everyone who knows who MKO is so there will be a couple of people who will have that mindset. If he’s not, someone from his team is probably one. But that is the mindset I am trying to change," he said.

According to him, whenever he gets the platform to speak he talks about Nigeria in a positive light and wards off the stereotypical mindsets. 

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