Daasebere Dwamena ‘Wo Da Enda’ cover - Who nailed it?

Daasebere Dwamena ‘Wo Da Enda’ cover - Who nailed it?
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com | Nasiba Yakubu | nassyy24@gmail.com
Date: 24-04-2019 Time: 05:04:15:pm
From left to right - Daasebere Dwamena, Akat, Narah and Eyfa Rita

The late Highlife musician, Daasebere Dwabena before his death in 2016, warmed the hearts of Ghanaians with some of the amazing songs one could ever ask for.

Looking for songs on life, heartbreak, love or even upbeat songs, he got you covered.

He had mastery of the Akan dialect Twi, his poetry lines well coordinated and to die for and he dabbled in proverbs.

In 2000, he dropped ‘Ahoɔfɛ’ whose foundation was based on the Akan proverb ‘Ahoɔfɛ nkɔ awareɛ’ meaning, beauty does not sustain a marriage.

He talked about wanting to marry but everyone around him is suggesting he marries someone beautiful but he knows beauty is not what he needs.

Nineteen years later, in the world of makeup and filters, many people still find themselves with handsome men and beautiful women whose character stinks and can barely keep their relationship alive.

Just like ‘Ahoɔfɛ’, his songs were relatable, the one thing that drew people to his songs even after his death.

For someone who was loved by many and served fans with savoury music, it is unpleasant to see his music die along with him.

That is why it is touching to see young underground or up and coming artistes try to make covers of his songs when they can.

Today we take a look at covers of his song ‘Wo Da Enda’.

‘Wo Da Enda’ is one of his songs that made airwaves. The elders who were into highlife loved the song to bits and many could relate to what Daasebere talked about.

In the song, he basically tries to assure his partner that he has not left her even though he has travelled, he still loves her and only wants to make things better for both of them.

Video: ‘Wo Da Enda’ original


In August 2018, Akat uploaded his version of ‘Wo Da Enda’ on Youtube.

Produced by himself, this cover has a similar tempo as the original but Akat dropped a few upbeats that distinguished his from the original.

The voice, of course, can never be the same but he did justice to the lyrics. Akat tried carrying the emotions behind the song with him and project it to his listeners.

Akat’s version of ‘Wo Da Enda’ is I minute 43 seconds long as compared to the orignal 5 minutes 53 seconds. 


Narah did a piano cover of the song in a much slower tempo. The voice is quite distinct from many of the female voices we have today.

There is no autotune, she delivers the song with her raw but rich and natural talent. 

The piano chords do not override her voice so a listener can enjoy the song and her voice.

Efya Rita

This cover has been shared a lot on social media platforms especially WhatsApp. It could be many people are drawn to her voice and the cool but rich way she delivers the song.

Efya Rita, in her cover, tried adding a passionate and sensual appeal to the song.

Instead of being in the studio like the former two, she sat outside under a red umbrella possibly in front of a coffee shop.

Her cover also has a slower tempo. Efya Rita’s voice is not hidden behind the beat.


Kuami Eugene at a concert performed ‘Wo Da Enda’ and the fans loved it. Putting aside the fact that he can sing, the live performance only highlighted he could not just sing but perform effortlessly with all the emotions that come with the song. 

His rendition was a faster tempo than the covers.