Criss Waddle and Medikal

Rappers Criss Waddle and Medikal have promised to feed 500 people after the President announced an extension of the lockdown.

Taking to Twitter Criss said that they were inspired by the fact that many people had not prepared for more than a two week lockdown.

The extension he explained may have put a strain on families hence their need to help feed households.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Ghana, the two have contributed in any way they can to help contain the virus.

Sharing hand sanitisers to citizens and hospitals, giving money to cash strapped fans and donating foodstuffs are some of the things they have done.

However, Criss Waddle and Medikal are going the extra mile to extend hand to people in their vicinity since the President announced a lockdown extension.

“…the one week extension by the president is for our own good, however, most people aren’t prepared for that…@AmgMedikal and I have decided to feed 500 people regardless if they love AMG or NOT,” Criss Waddle wrote.