Equatorial Guinea has told the World Health Organization (WHO) representative to leave, the AFP news agency reports citing a document from the foreign ministry and a source at the UN health agency.

The country accuses Triphonie Nkurunziza of “falsifying” the country’s tally of coronavirus cases.

“We don’t have a problem with the WHO, we have a problem with the WHO’s representative in Malabo,” Prime Minister Pascual Obama Asue, is quoted as saying while appearing at the Senate last Friday in remarks broadcast on state television.

AFP quotes a source at the UN office in the capital, Malabo, as saying: “The government has asked her to go, we have received a document – she is accused of falsifying Covid-19 figures”.

Dr Nkurunziza is still in Malabo as there are no outbound flights, it reports, adding that the tally of recorded cases put forward by WHO and the government are the same right now.