Multiple Award-winning singer, Diana Hamilton is happy about how God has orchestrated her life, saying, “every stage of my life has progressively landed me where I am and if we had taken out one, I wouldn’t have been here”.

She was sharing her behind-the-scenes story on how her musical journey started with Rev. Albert Ocran on Springboard, Your Virtual University on Joy FM.

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2021 Artiste of the Year said her life had always been centred on the present because “the present is what will determine the future”.

Mrs Hamilton walked away with the Gospel Song of the year, the Most Popular Song of the year, the Gospel Artiste of the year and the ultimate, the Artiste of the year awards at the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Below are the top ten lessons from Diana Hamilton’s story

  1. MENTORING – Don’t be in a hurry to walk out of mentoring relationships. My late father as well as Francis Agyei and Madam Eunice Addison played key roles in my music career.
  2. MASTERY THROUGH SERVICE – I mastered my music craft by serving as a Backing Vocalist for Francis Agyei for 10 years. He introduced me to the music industry.
  3. READINESS – Like a soldier, be ready at all times. You can be called upon at any time to perform and you must consistently deliver great results.
  4. FEEDBACK – My family are my greatest cheerleaders and at the same time my most candid critics. They give me honest feedback and keep my feet on the ground.
  5. DIVINE ORCHESTRATION – Every stage in my life has progressively led to where I am now. If you take out any part of it, I won’t be where I am today.
  6. RESPECT – Celebrate the works and achievements of others in your field. Whatever you respect, you also attract.
  7. TIMING – Appreciate the principle of TIMING. It’s just a matter of time.
  8. PURPOSE – The purpose of God for your life will ultimately come to pass.
  9. LEARNING – As much as you learn how to do some things, also learn HOW NOT to do some things.
  10. FINISHING SPIRIT – The values of integrity, excellence, truthfulness, and loyalty, will give you the anointing to finish.