The family of murdered activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, popularly known as Kaaka Macho, has appealed to the general public to support taking care of the deceased’s family.

They are also appealing to the public to help pay the legal fees of Baba Iddi, Kaaka’s brother, who was picked up as a suspect after the murder.

The family made the appeal during a meeting with the Chief Imam at his Fadama residence on Tuesday.

They indicated that a Welfare and Legal Support Fund has been set up for persons who wish to their contributions during the meeting.

“We are asking the people of Ghana for their support in taking care of the family left behind by Kaaka and also for paying for the legal fees of Baba Iddi.

“We are a poor family who has been visited by two tragedies. We pray for and count that Allah the merciful will touch your heart to show us support in our moment of need.

“We have set up a Welfare and Legal Support Fund to which you can send any mobile money donations to support the family in our quest for justice,” they said.

Donations can be made either to Kaaka’s daughter, Minawara Ibrahim, via MTN MOMO number: 0559948685, the wife, Sahada Hudu, via Vodafone cash number 0504099677, or Nafiu Mohammed, the family spokesperson AirtelTigo number 0262459254.

Kaaka was killed at Ejura in the Ashanti Region on June 26 in what many have attributed to his social activism and affiliation to the #FixTheCountry movement.

Police say unknown assailant(s) attacked his occipital area with clubs as the deceased entered his Dagomba Line family house.

His murder sparked widespread agitations and protests, which saw the killing of two more indigenes during a confrontation with a joint police and military team amid the firing of gunshots.

Nearly a month after a Commission of Inquiry submitted its findings into the circumstances surrounding the duo’s death, the family has stated that their confidence in the Commission has waned since the investigations conducted into the murder have only caused them more pain.

Baba Iddi has been remanded into police custody for the past two months over the accusation.

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