Owuraku Ampofo celebrates his father, Rev. Albert Ocran

Fatherhood can be a breaking point for many males when they realise they have brought into the world, another life. There is a rush of adrenaline at that short moment. I have a son I can play soccer with or the daughter I can call a Princess, are some of the daydreams. Then later, the defender and warrior arise in them immediately they recognise their child’s pain is their pain and their laughter, theirs too.

Taking just a day out of the 365, to celebrate fathers across the globe and make them the centre of attraction has begun to take shape. Many, including fathers, are hopeful Father’s Day will catch up to the enviable day set aside to commemorate the efforts of mothers.

Mothers in various cultures are expected to cater for their offspring whilst the father goes out to earn a living in order to support the family.

Not forgetting the harsh-look fathers are to put up to ensure their wards do not go astray, but mothers always have a gentle and much pleasant look. It is, therefore, not surprising in Africa, particularly Ghana, for Mother’s Day to be treated like the country’s Independence Day.

Many took to social media to show the world how they celebrated their fathers on Sunday, June 20. Scores shared how they got through their toughest times in life with the help of their fathers and all father figures. President Akufo-Addo also received accolades for being the father of the land.

Owuraku Ampofo of Multimedia Group Limited did not miss the opportunity by heading to social media to show his father how relevant he is in his life.

His action has been the inspiration to share this article with every Ghanaian and all who believe fathers are indeed worth celebrating.

Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words as the adage goes. Picture this – a Ghanaian man between the ages of 23-25, with his lips on the cheeks of an elderly fellow, his father.

That is how Sports Journalist, Owuraku Ampofo celebrated his father, Rev. Albert Ocran, the Executive Pastor at ICGC Christ Temple.

Though certain traditions that perceive men to be without warm emotions are gradually fading, there still is an iota in the minds of some. This is the very reason I hold the manner with which the Sports Journalist decided to celebrate his father, dear to my heart despite a day after the celebration itself.

Actions speak louder than words, they say. But how many are able to put behind the voice of society telling you how to celebrate the very being who aided in your existence.

This article does not disregard the sweet words and gifts such as wristwatches, a pair of shoes, or tuxedo, children offer their fathers but seeks to highlight how one can show love to their Papa, like how most people refer to their fathers, without having to do the most luxurious presentation to show appreciation.

The notion that men have a heart of rock is definitely absent in the photo in question. The text “Happy Father’s Day. I love you and thanks for all the wisdom and support” was all that was needed to complement the kiss on the cheek. What I call a compelling gift that would melt the heart of all who come across it.

It is definitely okay to shower gifts worth millions on fathers just as one does for mothers. But should you be financially constrained, never forget a kind gesture such as a kiss on the cheek or the forehead, is enough to show how much one cares for his or her father.

Fathers are as important as mothers. Though they may not always show it in explicit actions like cooking your favourite meal, they bear all the pain and face all the difficulties to ensure that children have a happy and comfortable life.

I take the opportunity to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day, especially my dad, Cyril Ogbarmey-Tettey.