Fidelity Bank Ghana in partnership with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Police Service has provided forensic training for 50 bank staff who in turn will train other frontline and control function staff.

Fidelity Bank is the first bank in Ghana to provide its staff with such forensic training.

The forensic training, conducted by the CID of the Ghana Police, includes critical areas like signature comparison and analysis, fingerprint examination and analysis, and security paper forgery detection.

Head of Financial Crime Management at Fidelity Bank Ghana, Ransford Nana Addo Jnr., speaking on the motive behind this training revealed that “This initiative is geared towards increasing our resilience to fight crime and also to improve our control environment.

“As a bank that prioritises customer safety in delivering our services, we believe this is a good step as it will complement the robust controls that we already have in place.”

In his remarks at the opening ceremony for the 3-day training, the Director General of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service, COP Isaac Ken Yeboah commended Fidelity Bank Ghana for taking the initiative to go above and beyond the average security measures in their delivery of financial services.

“I am very impressed with the initiative taken by Fidelity Bank Ghana. We encourage all financial institutions to take a cue from what Fidelity Bank is providing to its staff so that collectively we fight crime more effectively,” COP Isaac Ken Yeboah added.

Fidelity Bank’s collaboration with the Ghana Police Service to undertake this forensic training for its staff is a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to protecting the interests of its customers and other stakeholders.