The National Youth Organiser of the NDC, George Opare Addo has decried attempts by the Finance Minister to influence student leaders to endorse the ‘detrimental’ E-levy policy.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the NDC Youth Leader expressed his disgust at the ‘desperate’ move by Ken Ofori-Atta to use the National Union of Ghana Students to court public sympathy for the ‘insensitive’ E-levy.

“Things fall apart, the center cannot hold! If the supposed e-levy was that prudent and resonates with young people, why would the Finance Minister be this desperate to coerce student leaders to endorse it? To the point of offering them GHS 15,000 to organize a press conference in support of the burden-laden budget”, Mr. Opare Addo posted.

The post also said that, “A policy that is detrimental to the hopes and aspirations of young people, yet Ken Ofori Atta, who’s out of wits thinks taxing mobile transactions used mostly by students to get by is a cool idea. Let it be known that this agenda won’t stand! No PR or peer-to-peer campaign led by any student Union will make this insensitive tax any less callous”.

Having expressed his disgust, Mr. Opare Addo cautioned the leadership of NUGS to desist from being coerced into endorsing the proposed levy.

“To the leadership of NUGS, the Ghanaian Youth, especially students will be disappointed in you if you go ahead with this presser. We know what you have been told to do and say but let your conscience guide you to do what is right by students and your nation”, Mr. Opare Addo urged.

On Wednesday, November 24, NUGS President, Mr. Emmanuel Yiadom Boakye issued a release announcing the Union’s decision to organise a press conference on the 2022 Budget.

Finance Minister using student leaders to endorse E-levy - Opare Addo alleges

In an interaction with, Mr. Yiadom said the essence of the press conference is to afford NUGS an opportunity to articulate its position on portions of the Budget, especially on areas relating to the proposed YouStart initiative and other areas related to the youth.

This according to him had become necessary following a meeting with the Finance Minsiter, Ken Ofori-Atta and his deputy, John Kumah on the 2022 Budget, on November 24 at the Ministry of Finance.

But the NDC National Youth Organiser has dismissed these explanations.

General Secretary of the National Union of Ghana Students, Julius Kwame Anthony has also expressed his doubts about the upcoming press conference; alleging that, the NUGS President intends to use the press conference to back the E-levy proposal.

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