Founder and president of Ashesi University Patrick Awuah is calling for re-diversification of the economy.

According to him, Ghana’s national export crop, cocoa is threatened by climate change and there is the need to research on how to support the sector amidst rising temperatures. 

Mr Awuah was speaking at an economy and ecology strategic dialogue themed: ‘The Green Recovery’ organised by the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) in Accra.

Experts have predicted significant revenue shortfalls and an overall dip in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) across the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This, according to them will also have significant impact on cash crops like cocoa grown in countries like Ghana.

Also speaking on the subject, the Chief Executive Officer of Dalex Finance, Ken Thompson agreed with Mr Awuah’s assertion.

He said that by 2050, the country’s population is projected to reach 50 million and that will mean competition for land, jobs and other resources.

Therefore, Mr. Thompson underscored the need for a re-think in term of development to ensure the future generation can willsurvive.

For her part, the Executive Director of GCIC, Ruka Sanusi called for a green approach to industrialisation.

This initiative, she said is being championed by GCIC but there is the need for more climate change advocates to join the fight to save the planet.

Rukaya Sanusi said it is good for government to embark on developmental projects but that should not be a trade-off to the environment and climate change.