Edward Ackah Nyamike, President of Ghana Hotels Association

The Ghana Hotels Association is cautiously optimistic that 2021 will bring good tidings.

This follows an improvement in the occupancy rate and conferencing during the Christmas period.

Speaking for the Association, its president Dr Edward Ackah Nyamike said, “careful observation and feedback from members and clients point to general increase in occupancy rate during the Christmas season. Although significantly lower than what was recorded in 2019.”

“There was also an increase in the use of hotel grounds and conference halls for various events during the festive period”, he emphasised.

“Moving into 2021, the hotel industry is cautiously optimistic looking at what is happening in other countries as far as Covid-19 is concerned”, he further said.

However, it is banging it hopes on aggressive promotion of domestic tourism and the general business enabling environment.  

“It is obvious that a big chunk of our international market in terms of international visits to Ghana will be lost.

“Our hope lies in the aggressive promotion of domestic tourism and the creation of a conducive business environment by Ghana,” he said.