Winning group of the Hackathon

A team of technology developers has won a bid to build a centralized database system for entrepreneurs and innovation hubs in Ghana. 
IConnectGH, an AI technology platform, will provide a platform for detailed analytics, hub mentorships and job opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs and innovation hubs. 
Existing data on innovation hubs and entrepreneurs in Ghana and the sub-region is said to be fragmented. 
IConnectGH, an AI tech platform, will ensure the interlace of entrepreneurs, innovation hubs and investors share experiences, mentorship between the start-ups and transparency in the innovation eco-system. 

The App will provide a shared identity for all start-ups and innovative hubs in Ghana and in the sub-region. 

The team battled with other developers across the country in a national hackathon held in Kumasi to win the €3,000 project prize. 
Team Lead, Japheth Kuntu Blankson says “the platform gives avenues for entrepreneurs to advertise their job listing on the portal. The individual skill personnel can also apply for jobs and be enrolled. We want to create a form of inclusiveness and transparency. The app is built on an AI simulation”.

Ghana Hubs Network building centralized database for startup and hubs

Twenty developers selected from five zones across the country clashed for the opportunity. 
After a one-month zonal competition, the teams met in the Ashanti region for the three-day national hackathon. 
The winning team received €3,000 for the development of a mobile application. 

Ghana Hubs Network building centralized database for startup and hubs
Programs Manager of Ghana Hubs Network, Simon Asare

Programs Manager of Ghana Hubs Network, Simon Asare says the platform would facilitate investors’ easy access to entrepreneurs.

“This system has to be deployed across Ghana. All the twenty developers get to work together in building this App. As an entrepreneur you get to create your portfolio on the platform. No matter where you are located, people get to see your capacity. So if someone has something for you they can easily and quickly interact with the entrepreneurs,” he said.

The national hackathon was sponsored by GIZ and Make-IT in Africa