The flagbearer of the People’s Progressive Party, Bridgette Dzogbenuku says it’s about time women were elected to the topmost rank in the country.

According, to her, Ghana must be ready for a female president as women make up about 51% of the country’s population.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, Bridgette Dzogbenuku stated that considering the fact that women form the majority in the nation’s economic driving force especially in the informal sector, it is necessary that women are given the opportunity to hold significant offices in government such as the Office of the President.

“We make 51% of this country and if all 51% in this country vote for a woman, of course, we are ready for a woman candidate. Ghana must be ready for a female president. The women make up in the informal sector almost 75% so why not?” she asked.

According to her, having women in leadership positions would better serve the country’s interests.

“If you have women in leadership, won’t it be better? Why are we cutting out women in leadership? Shouldn’t we have 50-50? And if we have 50-50 of women in leadership, in parliament, and if we have the opportunity to vote for our own DCEs and MMDCEs we ensure that we put in a lot more women there, why won’t we be ready for a woman president? We should be ready for a woman president.”

The PPP flagbearer lamented the low number of women in government positions, especially the local government sector and thus called on Ghanaians to ensure that women are placed in leadership positions.

“We only have 13% of women in parliament and in local government probably even less. We need to push a lot more women in there. And if we look at it critically and look at how much we contribute to the economy of this country, women should be in leadership and we should be ready to be putting women in leadership,” she concluded.

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