Ghanaian musician, Gidochi has been featured in a music video for the Nescafé One Song challenge.

The challenge forms part of the Nescafé Group’s effort to help spread the message of positivity to ease tensions as the novel coronavirus pandemic rages on.

During the campaign,  contestants from Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Nigeria were tasked to create inspirational lyrics individually, to inspire hope and connect with the  spirit of Africa, which would later be composed into one single inspirational song.

At the end of the contest in June 2020, Gidochi beat over 5,000 contestants from Ghana and emerged as  the winner, alongside Fayamide of Nigeria, Ndongo (Senegal), Black Dany (Burkina Faso), Ozane (Cote  d’Ivoire) and Stella (Cameroon).

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Gidochi, together with the other five winners who won cash price of $3,000 each were featured in the music video which portrayed an inspiring story of how a young and struggling African artist persevered to secure a  recording deal with a renowned record label.  

While the artistes have been lauded for the performances from all the representatives, many have found it inconspicuously glaring the unique nature of Gidochi’s delivery on the record as he preached the message of peace and resilience. 

“…. Play your part and Own your turf. That’s the only way you’ll be  unstoppable,” tghe fast-rsing vocalist sang.