Ben Nunoo Mensah is seeking a second term

George Lutterodt, former President of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has said, the incumbent president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah deserved another four-year term.

The GOC has fixed Monday, March 15, for its Elective Congress and Mr Lutterodt is of the view that Mr Nunoo Mensah deserves another term to lead team Ghana at the Olympic Games which was postponed to this year due to the global pandemic, coronavirus.

In an interview with the GNA Sports on Tuesday, the former GAA President was against the GOC holding an election before the Olympics, saying the timing was wrong.

He, however, stated that Nunoo Mensah must be given another chance to serve the GOC.

He said, “This is not the time to have an election. The Olympic Games is just four months away and it would have been proper that Federation heads would be concentrating on preparing athletes for the Games. This should be the priority and not an election at this time.

He argued that athletes needed to concentrate and be training on their participation at the Games to make Ghana proud and not an elective congress which would disrupt their preparation.

“I believe the incumbent should have been allowed to finish the Olympic term so elections can be held after. There is a fundamental flaw in what is happening. Other jurisdictions are waiting to hold elections after the Olympic Games. Why is Ghana different? he quizzed.

He called on the 64 delegates to vote for Nunoo Mensah ahead of his sole competitor, Richard Apokavie ESQ.