An energy think tank, Energy and Associates Ghana say after perusing the contract signed between the then Power Ministry and Ghana Power Generation Company in 2015, the Ahenkorah Committee recommendation and decisions thereafter, it was not surprising to them that judgement was awarded against Ghana.

They say Ghana conspicuously did not appreciate the circumstances at the time this contract was signed and failed as a country to reconcile the energy crisis era against when the country gained stability in the sector.

In a press release by the organisation, they state that if the country treats contracts signed during the crisis era as though we had excess generation at the time, we would obviously make these conclusions that are problematic.

They make the point that it is quite baffling that the Minister at the time, Mr Agyarko, went against the Ahenkorah Committee’s recommendations to terminate the contract.

The statement said, “What motivated this move must be made known. We can’t be burdening the taxes with these needless judgement debts; it’s becoming one too many for us as a country. As we speak there are other cancelled PPAs threatening to file against us. We must be very careful with these decisions because it hurt the country’s international image in the investor community.”

They further state, for instance, that GCNET is after the government for $100mil over the termination of its operations as a destination inspection company, Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Technology Company Limited is also suing for $55mil over the termination of Accra Intelligent Traffic Management contract.

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