The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana says there is a need for more synergy between government and the private sector. 

Yolanda Cuba whose company is the main sponsor of the upcoming CEO Summit believes that will go a long way to align the goals of the private and public sectors for faster development in specific areas of the economy.

The link between the two sectors was strengthened with the signing of the Public Private Partnership bill.

The new New Patriotic Party (NPP) government upon the assumption of office said the country is opened for business once again thereby promising to utilize the private sector to spur development. 

Speaking on the Executive Lounge business show on the MultiTV's channel JOYNEWS hosted by Nhyira Addo, she said, “Government can never be the biggest employers in the country, however, the stability of the policies it makes are vital because they can either detract, enhance or accelerate development in the country.”

She added that “if the public and private sector can co-exist and understand each other’s mandate then it becomes easier to get the best out of both worlds.”

Still speaking of the relationship between the public and the private sector, she said there is a need for government to create policies that consolidate private sector spending in key areas.

“There should be more of an alignment between government and the private sector because we talk about a lot of things government wants but we interpret it on our own, it is not exactly what government wants,” she noted. 

She explained the need for specificity in the policies and directives government gives to the private sector especially in areas of social spending.

“I think we will make a greater impact if directives become more specific for example if government asks corporate Ghana to consolidate social spending in a particular area for two years,” she said. 

Vodafone Ghana is one of the main sponsors of the second annual Ghana CEO Summit to be held on May 22 to 23, 2017.

The conference will bring together over 500 CEO’s, business leaders, government officials and entrepreneurs across the globe for a forum among business leaders within emerging markets. the event will highlight various issues in the business community.