The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG) Legon finds comments by one Senyo Hossi which impugns the integrity and resourcefulness of graduate students of the University of Ghana as preposterous and unintelligent.

As an alumnus of the University, who has been extended the courtesy of playing a significant part of the 70th anniversary celebrations, your outburst was inappropriate, and at best a show of loquaciousness because the time and purpose of such a gathering contrasted your condescending speech, which dampened the spirit of the young ones who were at the gathering.

GRASAG Legon disagrees with your loose talk which lacked basis, facts and verifiable evidence to support your weak spiteful blanket characterization of graduate students of the University of Ghana

The Association trusts in the vision and mission of the University in providing quality graduate education to students amidst inadequate resources.



 Chris Atadika


 GRASAG, Legon.