Christians observe Palm Sunday to usher in Easter festivities.

Christians in Ghana have joined their counterparts all over the world to commemorate the Palm Sunday, a day that marks the beginning of the Holy Week on the Christian calendar.

The day, which marks the final Sunday of Lent, is believed to symbolise the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem where he rode on a donkey, days before his arrest and crucifixion.

It has been christened ‘Palm Sunday’ because according to the gospels, the people in Jerusalem placed palm fronds in Jesus’ path and hailed him amid shouts of Hosanna.

For many Christians, the palm branches signify goodness and victory of the martyrs or victory of the spirit over the flesh.

Some churches in the country made small crosses from palms to celebrate the day. Others held various processions to reenact their saviour’s entry into the city of Jerusalem.

This year’s celebration of the day received several reactions and trends on social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

While celebrating the joy that comes with the day, some users recollected memories of how Christ was betrayed.

Below are some reactions: