The 2019/20 Premier League season gets underway on Friday, August 9 2019. This season promises to be more exciting as we anticipate a range of rule changes.

In addition to the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), the rules concerning celebrations, handballs, free kicks, goal kicks, drop balls and substitutions have been amended.

However, one feature that will remain constant is the Fantasy Premier League. The JOY SPORTS CLASSIC is a league created by the Joy Sports team and currently has over 15,000 fantasy players.

Fantasy football is a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players.

Are you ready to compete with the best in Ghana? Join the Joy Sports Classic league and stand the chance of winning amazing prices.

To join the Joy Sports classic

1.            Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in

2.            If you’ve never registered before, click the ‘Sign Up’ button,

3.            After logging in, select your team,

4.            Click the ‘Leagues’ tab in the top navigation,

5.            Click the “Create and join new leagues” button,

6.            Click ‘Join private league’ button,

7.            Enter the code LHSNOB and then click the ‘Join League’ button.

The hashtag to use on Twitter is #JoyFPL

Click here to go to the Fantasy Premier League site.

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