Media houses don’t just read the news. They read the mood too. And right now, across the globe, people are fed up with political correctness.

US-based news media, The Atlantic, in a publication referenced a study that found a full 80 per cent of the general population believe that “political correctness is a problem in our country.”

That deliberate weaving of language is meant to numb your point of view because looking over your shoulder; you don’t want someone to feel hurt or cry. An over-sensitivity towards people’s feelings even in the face of facts.

Yes. Young people are growing weary of throttled honesty.

Your influential media house, JoyNews, hears this from our listeners too. And in response to your feedback, welcome the latest political show, ‘State of Play’.

A platform for discussing political issues with the gloves off. Hard questions, hard answers, frank conversations, no pranks.

Your host, election-calling Evans Mensah, your political data analyst Raymond Acquah and Super Morning Show co-host Winston Amoah will join their abilities and engage you on the political matters that most concern you.

And even better, this show jumps right out of traditional media onto social media. It promises to engage you, streaming live on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

They may be suited up for conversations on traditional media, but they will roll their sleeves up on this show.

Starting Thursday, July 22, our three political analysts will seek to inform, educate and explain in black or white and if it is grey, they will explain that too.

In ‘State of Play’, they will not play with anything. It is a game-changing political talk showing.