The founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil is urging Ghanaians to move forward in life with or without support from friends or family.

This according to Pastor Otabil does not mean abandoning people, but staying true to one’s aims and aspirations.

“In looking forward you have to leave some people behind, people who are frozen in time, people who refuse to pursue any agenda, somethings have to be left behind,” he explained.

Pastor Mensa Otabil who was delivering the third part of his sermon, ‘What are you running after?’, during a virtual service said it is important to keep moving when others decide to stay behind.

Citing exemplary characters in the Bible relevant to the sermon, the renowned Pastor mentioned Lot.

“If you want to run after something, you don’t have to look back, you have to look ahead and you have to look forward” he said

“Lot had a lot of problems. In his choices, he chose a wrong location, lived in a wrong neighborhood, and made a lot of mistakes in his life but the one thing he got right, is the fact that he never looked back.”

According to him, in Genesis 19: 17, when Lot and his family were rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah, they were instructed to go to the mountains and never looked back.

But unlike him, his wife did that and turned into a pillar of salt.

He praised the Biblical character by stressing on his obedience and act of discipline.

“Can you imagine, think of it, the extreme discipline it required for Lot not to look back.

“He is a man of great discipline, someone close by you, your wife, who journeys with you turns backs and turns into a pillar of salt, and he says, I will not look back; that is extreme discipline.

“Lot made a lot of mistakes but he knew how to focus on the future,” he added.

The motivational speaker used the opportunity to urge anyone running from something, not to look back.

“People who have nothing running after them, live life with no urgency, they live life comfortably because there is nothing threatening their life, there is nothing that is pursuing them.

“There is nothing that makes them wake up and feel that if they don’t move they are going to perish, there is no sense of urgency in their lives. But you there is something after you, you move and don’t look back.”