Information and Technology (IT) experts, including officials from Inlaks Ghana, recently participated at this year’s Temenos Community Forum (TCF) held in The Hague, Netherlands.

Notable professionals at the event include Godwin Ofoe, Applications Manager, ARB Apex Bank; Michael Appiah Head of Operations, ARB Apex Bank; Yacoba Amuah, Head, Sales and Strategy, Inlaks; Kojo Mattah, MD, ARB Apex Bank; and Joseph Agyeman-Badu, Sales Manager – Financial Business, Inlaks.

The three-day conference themed ‘Digital Banking Reloaded’ was greatly insightful with keynote speeches from experts in the banking and technology sector, as well as panels.

User-led workshops and design-led thinking sessions on the most pressing industry topics also feature prominently at the confab.

The conference was attended by over 2000 delegates, from Financial Institutions, Fintechs and Temenos Partners in 114 countries worldwide. 

A call was made at the conference for financial institutions to rethink and move away from legacy technology and banking practices.