So there’s Uber, the app allowing users to hire private drivers with the tap of a button on a smartphone, then there is Ghroupdrive, a transformative platform with a similar concept – except rather than request a compact car for individual use, businesses, religious bodies and social groups can rent buses and hire drivers to commute large groups of people to destinations throughout Ghana.

Entrepreneur Patrick A. Kumah conceived the idea in 2015 when he noticed that the country did not offer a service to transport multiple people in a convenient way. Ghroupdrive, he told Myjoyonline, was a ride-sharing system he noticed the country was in dire need for.

“We were running a project and we wanted to talk to some churches about how their congregation members were getting around for events,” said Kumah. “We discovered that many of them found it difficult to get buses because bus renters were not honouring their side of the deal.”  

Luckily, Kumah and his team had connections in the market and without hesitation, he began toying around with ideas of ways he could help.

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Patrick A. Kumah, Founder and CEO of Ghroupdrive

Two years later, Ghroupdrive was born. With Ghroupdrive, users skip the hassle of negotiating back and forth with rental companies. In just a few taps, a driver and bus is ready, waiting and at your service.

Here’s how it works.

Android and iOS users can download the app via The App Store or Play Store at no cost. Once downloaded, users can conveniently request for a bus for any occasion by entering their desired destination and the number of passengers who will be on board. Before confirming the trip, the app will provide the user with the estimated cost and a link that can be shared on social messaging platforms in order for passengers to confirm seats.

Users who are unsure about the exact number of passengers can use the unique link to request that passengers join and confirm their seats. Within minutes of confirmation, the vehicle (equipped with a driver), arrives to the designated destination.

“We hope that this will make transportation easier,” Kumah said. “What we want to do is impact productivity and let people know that we can use technology to solve our problems.”

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Kumah added that Ghroupdrive beats competition while adding a touch of sophistication to the experience. All buses come furnished with high-end furniture and appliances, with light bites and beverages provided for each guest.

The app was developed by a team of expert engineers who work around the clock to ensure the app runs smoothly. Customer service teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fulfil all customer requests.

To learn more about Ghroupdrive, visit here.

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