Prepare to resume taking screenshots of your favorites stories in peace, Instagram users. The social media app has reportedly stopped alerting users when you take a screengrab of their Stories — making your Internet lurking a tad easier.

The feature, which was added in February 2018, has officially ended, BuzzFeed reported.

Instagram confirmed the news to BuzzFeed, but offered no statement on why they reportedly ended the feature, Gizmodo added.

Prior to Instagram making the change, users of the platform were notified each time someone took a screenshot of their story.

Along with detailing what image was captured by friends, users were also given the handle of the person who had saved the image, making any and all discrete Internet sleuthing on your crush just about impossible.

This isn’t the first time that Instagram users have felt a little wary about making screengrabs.

Back in November 2016, some on social media had concerns regarding whether the platform alerted users when someone took a capture of the images on someone’s main feed. That rumor was later debunked by the company themselves.

Users have since taken to social media to celebrate the end of the feature. And based on the number of emojis and celebratory reactions from those on Twitter, it appears that many are supportive of the move.